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The Gentleman Outlaw and the Lady Sheriff

doing unspeakable things to fruit since 1195

Isabella of Gisborne and Robin of Locksley
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fans of the Robin Hood / Isabella Gisborne pairing in the Robin Hood BBC (2006) TV series
You're Robin Hood, aren't you supposed to be robbing me?
A community for fans of the Robin/Isabella pairing from the 2006 BBC series of Robin Hood. This is a place to post media and share ideas about the pairing and the characters.

Because let's face it: we loved the trainwreck.

General Rules
1 These are rules, not suggestions. Repeated failure to adhere to rules will result in your posts being deleted.
2 No soliciting or spamming. You may advertise other communities and websites provided that they are Robin Hood related.
3 The LJ-cut. Learn it. Love it.
4 If it's over 500 pixels wide, and 300 pixels tall, put it under an LJ-cut. Yes, always.
5 Do not abuse the tags, I will kill you. If someone has already posted a "fic" tag, don't make a "fanfic" tag. And do not make a "robin/isabella" tag, please - that's what this community is already for.
6 No character bashing. That's for the heroes at capslock_hood, not here. Ditto ship bashing.
7 Use warnings and LJ-cuts for Not Safe For Work content.
8 Spoilers are allowed. Don't complain about people posting them - the show is over and you have had time to see it all by now.
9 No introductory posts. Post only if you have something to share. Which leads to...
10 If you have questions, ASK THE MOD (cleo_eurydike). Do not be harassing other members or soliciting the entire community for help. This is not LIVEJOURNAL 101, this is a fan community.
11 Read this post before posting fanfiction.


If you wish to be affiliated, or link back, then PM the moderator or leave a comment here.

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